As British Columbians, we know our province is a special place.

We’re proud of our pristine coastline, our diverse communities, and our natural environment – and we’ll do whatever it takes to protect them.

Unfortunately, our priorities aren’t shared by the Trudeau Liberals.

In the last election, Justin Trudeau said he understood the urgency of the climate crisis. But once in office, he adopted Stephen Harper’s emissions targets – and isn’t even on track to meet them. Then he spent $4.5 billion on a bitumen pipeline - threatening our coast with a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic.

Far too many British Columbians are struggling to find a decent place to call home. Despite their rhetoric, the Trudeau Liberals refuse to treat this as a crisis, provide meaningful relief, or take action on money laundering and speculation.

Across our province, people are having a harder and harder time making ends meet. The Trudeau Liberals like to brag about how well the economy is doing, but working people just aren’t feeling the benefits.

If we want different results, we need to make different choices. New Democrats understand the priorities of British Columbians, and we’re willing to fight for them.

That’s why our New Deal for BC lays out a positive vision for our province’s future based on:

  • Protecting our coast and taking urgent action to address the climate crisis with a serious plan that creates 300,000 sustainable jobs and makes big polluters pay.
  • Tackling the housing crisis by building 500,000 units of housing over 10 years, with half built within 5 years.
  • Cracking down on money laundering and establishing a federal Foreign Buyer’s Tax to ensure people can find affordable homes.
  • Expanding our public health care system to cover prescription medication, dental, vision, hearing and the full range of mental health services.
  • Making public transit more convenient and affordable.
  • Retrofitting every home, saving households around $900 a year.
  • Lowering cell phone and internet fees, reducing bills by more than $200 a year.
  • Working in partnership with the BC government to expand their innovative $200 a month childcare pilot.

Want to know more? Read the full BC Platform here.

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